Back in the late 80’s whilst on a family holiday in Tenerife we spotted a fabulous grey dog and instantly decided that we wanted one but weren’t sure of what the breed was.
On returning home we made some enquiries and someone suggested it may have been a Weimaraner…. A what? This fed our inquisitive nature and spurred us to doing some research.

A couple of years later we acquired our first boy – Duke.

Although we had dogs before, having Weimaraners was a lot different to our previous breed – Shetland Sheepdogs!.

Our first – Duke – aka Brighter Morn at Robricci, was a loveable gentle giant, everyone’s friend, but he did have his stubborn streak. If he wanted to continue hunting when you wanted him to come back, he contracted ‘Selective Hearing’, which we believe is a common ailment of Weimaraners!.

In 1994, after waiting for the right litter for us, we received Shelley – Ardenstorm Seychelle of Robricci who was to become our first showgirl. She did reasonably well in the showring and it wasn’t long before we had the ‘bug’.

We had our first ever litter from Shelley in 1997 and produced Robricci Gena aka Gena, along with 5 other pups.
Unfortunately, Gena was only 3 months old when Shelley was tragically killed in a road accident, 3 days before Christmas 1997.
More tragedy struck in 1998 when Duke died suddenly at the age of 6½ .
It was at this point we acquired Gaby – Sh Ch Mabanika Moonage Daydream of Robricci from Mason & Barbara Thorne and started campaigning the girls heavily.

As Gena had a torsion at an early age we were unable to breed from her so went to good friends Rob & Barbara Dawson to get a puppy from Gena’s sister – Saffi – Robricci Amoria of Greythorn, so along came Geri – Greythorn Laurentic Via Robricci.

We had a litter from Gaby in 2003 using Zak – Ch Easdale Ridge JW Sh CM as the sire this was his first litter!
We then had litters from Geri in 2004 and 2006 choosing Zak as the father again.
From the 2004 litter we kept Georgia – Robricci Rose Royce JW Sh CM and then Tia – Robricci Fay Rari from the 2006 litter.
Georgia had her first litter in July 2008 having fallen head over heels in love with Elvis – Zakro Elvis Presley JW.

Then Tia – Robricci Fay Rari decided she wanted a piece of the action with Elvis and had a litter in 2009 when we kept Duffy – Robricci Audrey Quattro who now lives with our son and joins him on his shoots and deerstalking

We take pride in trying to produce quality pups rather than quantity.
Some of our girls are regularly worked by our son and accompany him on some of his many shoots during shooting season along with training with him throughout the year.
We have a natural feeding regime where the girls are fed on natural food such as Minced Turkey. Since using this diet we’ve never looked back, the girls are always in tip-top condition. – See Feeding Page
We try wherever possible to treat our dogs naturally, using herbal or homeopathic remedies

We take great pride in our girls and what they produce.

We only breed occasionally (usually when we want a pup). All of our pups will be born and reared within our own house and will be with their mother until they go to their new owners, we do not rear in kennels as we believe they need to be well socialised by getting used to people and noises of a normal home

We are members of the Weimaraner Club of Great Britain, the Weimaraner Association and the North of England Weimaraner Society. See links

David regularly judges the breed at open level along with other gundog breeds and is now passed by the Kennel Club to award CC’s in Weimaraners.

We’re available at the end of the phone for advice and support regardless of whether you own one of our puppies or not so don’t hesitate to call us.

David & Kath

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