5 CCs, 2 RCCs, 1 BOB(ch), 4 BIS (Open), numerous Best Puppy in Breed, 4 Best Puppy in Show

Weimaraner Association Top Puppy 2015

Notable results below:-

1st Open, Bitch CC & BOB – South Wales  Champ Show  2018  – Judge T Snaith

1st Open Bitch Res CC – National Gundog Champ Show 2018 – Judge Tricia Grimes

1st Open, Bitch CC – Border Union Champ Show 2018 – Judge Sue Moore

1st Open, BOB, BIS – Northern Counties Gundog Open 2018 – Judge Sally English, Karl O’Connor (BIS)

1st Open, BOB, Group1, BIS – Wolsingham Agricultural Show 2018 – Judge Norma Ellis, Pauline Luxmore Ball (BIS)

1st Limit, Bitch CC (her 3rd) – Blackpool Champ Show 2017 – Judge Kevin Grewcock

1st Limit, BB & BIS – Weimaraner Club of Scotland Open Show 2017  – Judge Lorna Adamo

1st Limit, Bitch CC – Birmingham Champ Show 2017 – Judge Jean Byrne

1st Limit, BB BIS – Weimaraner Club of GB Open Show 2017 – Judge Michelle Nuttall

1st PG, Bitch CC – Belfast Ch Show 2016  – Judge Mason Thorne

1st Junior, Shortlisted for CC, CRUFTS 2016  – Judge Gordon Haran

1st Puppy, Res CC, Best Puppy, PG3 Boston Ch Show 2016   – Judge Vicky Bambridge (Breed) , Richard Kinsey (Group)

1st Puppy, Best Puppy – LKA  2015 – Judge Richard Bott

1st P, 1st J,  Best Puppy in Show – North of England Weimaraner Society Open 2015  – Judge David Craig

1st P, 2nd N,  Best Puppy – Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland 2015 – Judge Jenny Miller

BPIB – Shortlisted in the Puppy Group (Gordon Talbot) Gained the final points for her Junior Warrant

2nd P, 1st J, Weimaraner Association (Open) 2015 – Judge Claire Bainbridge

1st P, Best Puppy – Midland Counties (Ch – No CC’s) – Judge Anita Brown

1st PB, 1st NB, 1st GB, BPIS – Weimaraner Club of GB (Open) 2015  – Judge Linda Wardle

1st P, 1st AV HPR Puppy, BPIB, BPIS North of England HPR (Open) –

Judges: Jo Maclean (Breed), Irene Glenn (Varieties), Cathy Gorman (BIS)

1st MPB, Driffield (CH) 2015 – Judge Lynda Adams

1st P, BPIB, RBOB, PG1  Bridgford (Open) – Judge Paul Richardson

1st MPB, 1st PB,BPIB – Darlington (Ch)2015  – Judge Barbara Thorne

1st MPB, 1st PB, BPIS –  Weimaraner Club of GB (CH) 2015 – Judges; Julie Turner (B), Jean Byrne (D)

1st MPB, BPB – City of Birmingham (Ch) 2015– Judge Elaine Grewcock

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